Monday, July 10, 2017

Upper body still, lol.... high rep, low weight

Mon, 10 Jul 17

This will likely become a trend haha.  So, today I did biceps, triceps, and delts.  A little trap work incidentally.

Started with a whopping 15 chin ups!  But the next few sets were less lol - 8 and 5.  I just stuck them in between other sets here and there.  I was glad to see that I am making progress on the initial set.  If I had the time I could rest to the point where I could repeat, but I don't have time for that.

The bench presses were all tied up, so I then moved to ez-curl bars and did this supersetted:

Preacher curl: 50x2x15, 40x1x20
Upright row: 50x2x15, 40x1x20
Behind the neck press: 50x2x15, 40x1x20

I then did some dumbbell shoulder presses while I was waiting for the smith machine.  Each arm 30x3x15.  Those 14 and 15 reps were really tough.

I then moved to the smith machine, 45 incline bench, all supersetted.  I don't know how much the base weight is for the bar, so I'm just noting the plates.  I feel like it's probably close to 45 lbs.

Wide grip: 25x15, 25x2x10, 25x10
Medium grip: 25x15, 25x2x10, 25x10
Close grip: 25x15, 25x2x10, 25x10

Once again the last few reps were pretty hard, muscles were really starting to get fatigued.

I then moved on to the tricep push down machine, and did 110x15, 130x15, 110x15

I finished off with the ab machine, I don't remember the weight exactly but it was I think 90x20, and 110x2x10 or something like that.

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