Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Guess what I did today, c'mon, guess!!

Weds, 12 July 17

Yeah, upper body.

I started off with a set of chin ups and rocked out 15, then later two sets of 10.  Then preacher curls - 40x15, 50x3x12. I did some smith machine seated incline presses - wide, medium, narrow as usual.  50x15, 70x10, 80x10, 80x5.  Next I did some one armed, cross body cable flyes, hitting the pecs - 27.5x15, 32.5x15, 37.5x15.  Next I grabbed some dumbbells and did 1 arm seated shoulder presses.  30x15, 35x15, 40x10, 45x10. Face pulls came next, can't remember the exact weight, 2 sets of 15.  Lastly ab machine, 110x15, 130x10, 150x2x5, 130x10

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