Friday, July 24, 2015

Squats - singles and triples

Fri, 24 Jul 15

Squats: 45x10 (f+b), 135x10 (f+b), 225x5 (f+b), 275x5, 295x5, 315x3, 335x2, 355x1, 315x5x3
Single Leg Sled Press: 90x2x10

Started off with a mix of front and back squats to warm up.  Then worked my way up to 355 for a single, then did five sets of triples.  Last time I lifted nearly this much was in May, with a single at 365.  Had I known that I might have tried for 365.  I didn't want to hit failure though, just wanted some heavy, not super grindy lifts.  Finished off my legs with some single leg presses, full range of motion, knee to chest.

Another 5:30 am morning of 45 mins cardio on the treadmill.

I'm happy with that.

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