Monday, October 23, 2017

Squats (245x5x5)

Mon, 23 Oct 17

Squats: 135x10, 225x5, 245x5x5
Calf Raises: 45x10, 55x10, 65x4x10
Leg Extensions: 130x10, 160x10, 190x10, 205x3x10
Adductor/Abductor: 160x10, 205x10, 220x3x5

Squats left me breathless as I kept a pretty fast tempo going.  The weight wasn't too bad though.  Calf raises were definitely pushing the envelope on the last two sets.  Leg extensions were pretty hard - I see a lot of media suggesting it's better to do front squats or split squats, but I really like the way they hit my VMO and they're not super form-dependant.  (ie - if I'm beat up from back squats or deadlifts I don't have the technical requirements of a barbell on my shoulders).  Add/abd were pretty hard at the top set.  The range of motion on the abductors seems so small compared to the adductors.

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