Friday, May 26, 2017

Pull day

Fri, 26 May 17

Deadlift: 225x10 (2 plate deficit, conventional), 225x10 (1, c), 225x2x8 (sumo), 315x5x5
Chins: bwx10, 8, 8
Rows: 0
Kettlebell swings: 20 lb bell, 10 both hands, 5 right, 5 left, by 5 sets total.

I really tired myself out before I got to the rows.  I tried to do a plate a side, but my back was so fatigued it just felt like crap.  I decided to punish myself with an exercise I could do, and is sort of a pull, the kettlebell swings.  Rather than do 30 swings by 3 sets, which really kills me and the last few reps have no glute pop at all, I decided to do 20x5.  It was still hard from the pump and cardio, but not as bad as the sets of 30.  I'll have to get my camera out at some point to show what these buggers do to my legs - and why it gets so hard to move by the end of a set.

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