Thursday, April 27, 2017

Upper body, light and testing weights

Thurs, 27 Apr 17

Bench: 135x2x10, 185x4x5, 185x7
Military Press: 95x4x10. 4
21's: 30x1, 40x2
Lateral Machine Raises: 30x15, 50x10, 30x15, 20x15, 10x20

Bench was wide grip, but no belt, wraps, arch, etc.  Fairly flat.  I then moved on to a set of chins, did 10 at body weight.  I tried a couple of dips for fun, but couldn't hit depth and my shoulder REALLY hated them.  I then moved on to see what I could handle in the strict military press - 95 without cheating.  I then decided to try some lateral raises using a machine.  It's really quite humbling how little weight I could move when I was utilizing my delts ONLY.  Did some 21s for fun at the end, nice and slow,   Got a great pump on my biceps - the 21s are good for that, even though they hurt like crazy when your arms get all full.

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