Thursday, April 13, 2017

Power cleans, front squats, OHP

Thurs, 13 Apr 17

It's been a weird week.  Work has kept me out of the gym, so I decided to get a big calorie burn and up the heart rate a bit today.  I ran to the gym and jogged back (about 1km each way), didn't throw up or anything like that, so that was positive.  Then I did some kettlebell and medicine ball cleans to warm up.  I then loaded up with 135 and did sets of 5 for power clean, front squats and OHP.  I tried a few at 145, but found them pretty hard for the PC part - the OHP and front squats weren't a problem.

I did that for close to an hour and then went off to get lunch.  I had a weird hypoglycemic event (I believe) yesterday after supper.  I ate supper, and about half an hour later broke out in a cold sweat and my heart started pounding.  I grabbed some chocolate and a sugared drink and downed it, felt normal a couple of minutes after that.  It was certainly unusual though.  I'm *assuming* it was hypoglycemia because my nutrition was weird for the day, and the sugar bolus resolved it quickly.

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