Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Week off

Weds, 29 May 19

It's been another weird week with travelling for work.  I decided to call it a deload week and will continue where I left off next week.  I did do some light full body work today. 

Paused Squats: 135x5, 225x3x5
SS Lying Down Face Pulls: 90x4x10
SS DB Curls: 20x4x10
Paused Bench Press: 135x4x10
SS Seated DB OHP Press: 25x4x15

Nothing too hard.  The lying down face pulls were a variation I saw in a video to ensure you aren't "cheating".  The curls were standing hammer style rotating horizontal at the top.  Slow, of course.  The same with the DB OHP press.  I held the bottom of the movement at the point where I could see the most upper pec activation.  Everything slow, with paused variants in the squat and bench to make up for the low weights.

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