Friday, May 17, 2019

Ugh. I need to start at the beginning.

I decided to do some strength testing on the squat today.  My upper body workouts have clearly been enough to keep me in shape and in decent strength.  I'm very close to my old 1RM's already.

The lower body on the other hand, is a total loss.   Squat max was a double at 295.  That's over 100 lbs less than my max in August last year (405x3x1).  Now, my squat has been declining over that time - the biggest squat I had after that was a 375 lb squat in October, and a 425 lb deadlift.  My deadlift right now is 355x1.


I'm pretty sure a linear program will accomplish what I need to do.  Something as simple as a 5x3, 6x2, 10x1 for the main lifts and some accessory work.  The focus needs to be on the main lifts though.  I still want to do cardio as well.

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