Wednesday, May 22, 2019

N'Suns Week 1 Day 1 - Bench

Weds, 22 May 19

Another weird week.  After testing my maxes and seeing how I respond to volume the past few weeks I decided to stick with the N'Suns 531 plan.  Looking at other plans there was either too much time spent in the gym, not enough volume, or too much volume.  This fit in the middle, and the accessory work is configurable.

I set my training maxes very conservatively.  Given my age and the injuries I've had I've decided to take my time and build up slowly.  I don't want to hit the wall in three weeks:

Bench: 185 lbs
Squat: 225 lbs
Deadlift: 265 lbs
OHP: 95 lbs

P stands for primary, S for secondary, A for accessory

Day 1:

Bench (P): 120x8, 140x6, 155x3x4, 150x5, 140x6, 130x7, 120x14 (AMRAP)
Cable Face Pulls (A)(SS): 90x4x15
DB Hammer Curl (A)(SS): 35x4x10
OHP (S): 6x50, 5x55, 3x65, 5x65, 7x65, 4x65, 6x65, 8x65
Pull Up (A)(SS): BWx4x5
BB Row: (A)(SS): 135x3x10

Bench was a little on the light side, but I was able to focus on form.  No bounce.  Cable face pulls were perfectly weighted.  DB hammer curl was a little heavy.  OHP was pretty easy.  Pull ups were hard, I could only handle about 2 in a row, so I did dead hangs off the floor, tense, and pull.  Might as well get the whole range of motion instead of just the top half since I need a lot of work on these.  The barbell rows were hard, but not impossible.

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