Friday, May 24, 2019

N'Suns Week 1 Day 3 - OHP

Fri, 24 May 19

OHP: 70x5, 80x3, 90x12 (AAMRAP), 85x3, 80x3, 75x3, 70x5, 65x5, 60x12 (AAMRAP)
Spoto Press: 75x6, 95x5, 110x3, 110x5, 110x7, 110x4, 110x6, 110x11
Pull Up: BWx4x5
Face Pulls: 100x4x15
DB Hammer Curls: 30x10, 25x3x10

Very easy day.  I supersetted everything in a circuit.  I actually did 95 for the first 3 sets of OHP as someone was using the smaller weights and I couldn't be bothered to go lighter.  So, it was actually 95x5, 95x3, 95x12.  I'm still doing dead hang pull ups so I can really concentrate on the mind-muscle connection.  I'm very weak in this movement, and really need to be using my upper back as opposed to my triceps and delts.  The nice thing about pull-ups (and dips) is they really are what I call "trick" movements.  Once you practice them for a bit you gain that connection and can activate the right muscles to complete the move.  Clearly I'm able to lift my bodyweight off the ground using just my arms, but to focus on doing it using just my upper back is the challenge.

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