Thursday, September 15, 2016

Post-injury report

Thurs, 15 Sep 16

So two weeks ago today I did something to my ribs, sternum, whatever - just to the right of my sternum.  By the end of the day Thursday I couldn't even pick up our kitten.  I went to emerg that night where I was diagnosed with, "you did something to your chest, let it heal for two weeks".  I iced/heated, anti-inflammatories, and rest.  I went back to them gym Monday and Tuesday this week while I was working up in Sydney, NS.  I did squats beltless up to 365 lbs, and a bunch of non-chest upper body and arm machine crap.  I went back Tuesday and did some lighter squats and machine work.  Today I did just machine pumpy work.  I'm going to squat again tomorrow, and maybe try benching on Monday.  I'm in no rush and really want it to heal.  It still hurt to sneeze or cough two days ago - so I'm under the impression it's somewhat fragile still.

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