Friday, August 7, 2015

Upper body

Fri, 7 Aug 15

Decline Bench: 135x5 *
Bench: 135x10, 185x10, 225x3x5
Bunch of machines
OHP: 95x10, 115x10, 135x3x5

Thought I'd mess around a bit today and experiment.  I wasn't really planning on working out, so the bar was set low.  First I tried the decline bench.  That's a really weird movement that makes the bar seem like it's in some sort of weird gravity device.  Did a few reps to feel it out, then said, meh and moved onto normal bench.  Did some 2 plate sets with as little rest as I could muster, trying to be snappy.  Played around with a cable machine for pecs, didn't really seem to hit where I wanted even after cranking it up to 150 lbs.  I wandered around and tried a lat pulldown for ramping up to around 150+ lbs for 5x5.   Wandered around some more and found a better pec dec and tried that.  Ran that up into the 150+ range for 3x10.  That seemed to hit the pecs pretty decently.  I then moved on to the OHP to finish up.  It was hard locking out the last rep on the second and third set, but managed with a bit of hip drive.


  1. Must be a casual Friday, I did a lot of friggin' around the gym as well. lots of band work for my ailing shoulders. Kept the big movements fairly light and snappy today.

  2. I've been wandering a lot, not making any serious gains. I've been taking a look at Hepburn's 8x2 routine. I'm on vacation the next two weeks, so I thought I'd see how long the sessions take.

  3. A little Canadian bias, eh? Here's the link to the stuff that Matt Perryman wrote on Hepburn training: I'm sure you read it, but it's nice to go back and review. I also have a pdf of a book that he wrote as well. It's not a huge file and a quick read so I can email it to you if you want.

  4. I'd say that was a lot. I got through the power part. Is it Matt's book, or Hepburn's?

  5. It's Doug Hepburn's book. I sent you an email.


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