Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pull day

Thurs, 22 Jun 17

Deadlift : 225x5, 315x5, 335x5x1
Chin Ups: bwx3x10
Barbell row : 135x2x12, 135x7
Preacher Curls: 50x2x20, 40x12, 40x8
Cable Crossover high: 22.5x20, 17.5x20
Cable Crossover middle: 22.5x20, 17.5x10

I did some light, high rep chest work at the end to push to exhaustion.  By the end of the curls I couldn't curl another rep, and I just pounded the chest with the crossovers.  I kept the tempo really slow on everything but the deadlifts as I really wanted to get a nice, hypertrophic workout.

In addition, I'm down 45 lbs from my start weight of 243 (198) and hoping to get down to the 180's as I'd really like to lean out while I'm on a roll.  Turns out the few weeks I was off with bronchitis actually gave me the will to get back on the diet and lose more.  I had gained from 203 back up to 211 during that period - granted a lot was glycogen, food in the gut, etc. but it was still disheartening.  I saw a few pictures of myself from a conference just before I went back on diet and I was really surprised at how bloated and fat I looked.

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