Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Paused, high rep upper body push

7 June 17

Bench:  135x3x8 (one set each of wide, medium and narrow = 90 reps)
Behind the neck press: 50x15, 60x3x12
Seated smith press: 25x3x7, 35x3x7, 45x2x7
Lateral del raise: 30x15, 40x15, 50x2x10
Chest push tricep thing machine:  50x2x8

I wasn't feeling very strong today, and had trouble with my shoulder.  Rather than risk injury I did a bench of rest pause work.  So, on the bench I would stop about an inch or two above my chest after descent, hold it for 4-5 secs, then explode up.  These REALLY hit my chest hard.  I could feel the strain in the muscles.  Behind the neck presses were normal tempo, just hitting the triceps.  Seated smith was painfully slow, once again using rest pause just before the bottom of the movement, and exploding out.  Once again, while hard on the triceps, this really hits my chest and lats quite well.  I never see my lats flare as much as when I do this movement.  Lateral deltoid raise normal tempo.  I couldn't remember what the chest thing was at the end - might have been a seated bench, but it hit my deltoids and triceps considerably.

I'll have to start doing a little more bench work as it's slowly slipping away from me.  Not that I should care too much, but I'm still somewhat paranoid of losing muscle.

In addition to all this - I started my diet back up on Sat at 211 lbs.  I'd like to see if I can get into the 190's so I can not have any muffin top and dial in the abs a little better.

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