Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Just a heads up....

I haven't given up lifting - my cold from over Christmas has worked it's way into my chest and I can't really do ANYTHING without being exhausted.  Just walking is a chore.  I decided I really didn't want to risk injury with a technical skill like the squat.  I finally caved and saw a doctor today and got a couple of inhalers to get me breathing again, so hopefully not too long to wait.


  1. Did your doctor check for pneumonia? Believe me, that's something you want to stay on top of.

    1. He listened to my lungs and heard them being congested. The puffers seem to be working. The twice daily one (I don't remember what it was lol) has me breathing and I have a ventolin inhaler for coughing fits. I definitely feel more energetic and don't sound like I'm dying just walking.


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