Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Upper Body

Thu, 4 Mar 15

Bench: 1352xx5, 175x5, 225x2, 190x3x5
OHP: 135x5x3
Renegade Rows: 30x10, 50x10, 60x10

I tried the smith machine for the first bench set, didn't like it, so went to normal bench.  The only thing I don't like about the bench at the gym is no safeties - unlike pressing in the rack.  OHP was hard today, so I did 5 sets of three instead or 3x5.  The rows I was doing yesterday seem to be called renegade rows.  So once again, 5 per side, the last rep at 60 was pretty hard.  I smashed my forearm just on the underside by my little finger on one rep yesterday, was tender today.

Think I'll take a rest day tomorrow and squats on Saturday in the home gym.

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