Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hex bar deadlifts

Wed, 11 Mar 15

Single Leg Sled Press: 90x2x10 per leg
Hex Bar Deadlifts: 248x5, 298x2x5, 338x5, 428x2x1, 448x1

Man, I can't count for crap when I deadlift.  I somehow had it in my head I hit 495 when I only hit 448.  Seems I was adding the bar from the barbell.... Anyhow, 448 made me dizzy, so I figured that was it.

Tried the single leg press using the machine that everyone loads up with all the plates in the room, then gets someone to sit on it, then quarter squats it.  I figured I'd try a conservative plate a side.  One leg on the ground, the other right to the chest at the end of the movement.  Was definitely a challenge to hit 10 reps a side - but my glutes can definitely use the work.

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