Sunday, September 21, 2014

RFL Workout #4

Sun, 21 Sep 14

Squats: 135x5, 170x5, 215x5, 250x3, 275x3x6
Bench: 135x5, 160x5, 190x3, 210x3x6
Curls: 75x2x8
Rows: 135x5, 150x5, 175x3, 195x3x6Lat Raises: 10x2x8
RDL: 225x2x6

Not terrible, but tweaked my back a bit and couldn't get into position for skullcrushers.  Only lost two pounds this week, but I had a bad week for adherence.  Kept binging on carbs.  Bought a set of calipers and did the skin fold test.  Put me at 23.99% BF, which is not wonderful, but puts me into CAT2 diet.  That means I get a 5 hour carb up around my next session Weds, and free meal on Sat.  Carb up will be cinnamon raisin bagels, no-yolks low fat noodles, tomato sauce, and for dessert three berry sorbet.

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