Thursday, November 21, 2019

10-Rep Upper Body

Thurs, 21 Nov 19

Since my body breaks a little easier I'm going to be messing around with approaches.  I think off-hand I will go with a more ARPE/PPL kind of method.  So three day rotations of upper body push, upper body pull, and legs.

Upper body push main exercise will be bench press.  Accessories will be CGBP and I'm thinking DB decline bench for pecs, and single arm cable pulls as finishers if I have any time/energy left.  I will start with a reasonable weight for the bench and shoot for 10 reps.  I'll add another 20 lbs, and shoot for 10.  I'll repeat until I start to feel like 20 is too much and add 10.  If I get less then 10 reps I will add a bit more and continue until I have either nothing left in the tank or hit a single or double. Accessories will be whatever I feel like in terms of weight for about 15 reps per set, 3 sets of each.

Pull will be bent over row as the main.  I'll do it the same way - sets of 10 to start.  Chin ups, curls, and face pulls for the accessories.

Legs will be working up to 3x6 for both squats, then deadlifts.  There shouldn't be any time left over for anything else following both of those.  Since I've been having trouble with my legs lately I will spend a good 5-10 minutes warming up and stretching.

OK. So that's the plan, and we all know that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. (in this case gravity and my body trying to overcome it).


Bench: 135x10, 155x10, 175x8, 185x5, 195x3, 205x1
Tricep Extension (rope and pulley):  50x4x15
Standing DB Press: 30x4x10
CGBP: 95x3x15

Went well.  I didn't really get a lot out of the standing DB press and my triceps were probably fine with the combo of bench and CGBP.  That's why I picked two chest dominant exercises as accessories in the actual plan.

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