Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Upper body

Mon, 27 Apr 15

Bench press: 45x2x10, 135x12, 135x14, 135x14, 185x9, 185x4, 225x2x5
Standing triceps extension: 30x10, 40x10, 50x10, 60x3x5
Bicep curls: 45x2x30

Lots of volume today.  I picked up a set Perfect Grip Pro's.  They are like a neoprene pad that sits on the palm of your hand and have a velcro strap around the back.  They add a bit of thickness to the bar, but not like a set of Thick Grips.  I bought these because you can't use chalk at Goodlife, and my hands were slipping on the bar.  In addition, there are no safeties to save my face (which ain't pretty now, but I'm fairly certain that a barbell isn't going to help), so grip is super relevant.

So, to test the differences I did a lot of lighter weight sets to get my hands a little sweaty and to see how my grip held up with and without the pads.  I can definitely say I prefer chalk, it gives me a more solid grip, but the bar was not moving with the pads either.

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