Saturday, February 8, 2014

Meet Day!

Sat, 8 Feb 14

Well, the big day is here!  I went in yesterday afternoon to set my rack and bench pin heights and weighed myself - I was 104 kg.  So no food or drink rest of the day.

First off, I managed to step on the scale at 101 kg, which was a drop of 3 kg since last night.  I was crazy thirsty this morning.  Drank a half gallon of half-strength Gatorade with some creatine (5 servings), glutamine (5 servings), and salt (2 tsp) in it.  Had a container of Mr. Noodles, a big cookie, and a few cups of chocolate Cheerios and I felt wired! 

Found the other guy in my weight class (105 kg, 40-49 years old) and basically followed him around.  Our squats were the same, his bench and deadlift were higher.  We warmed up together and it was pretty natural as to how to do it, considering we had two flights of lifters and were in the second flight.  The plan was to keep my lifts fairly conservative so as to not fail too much.

Squats:  165 kg (364 lb) opener, 175 kg (386 lb) second, and 182.5 kg (402 lb) final all three passed and the third lift was a lifetime PR. 
Bench: 110 kg (242 lb) opener failed on butt lift but was easy, 115 kg (254 lb) second passed, 120 kg (265 lb would have been a PR) failed on butt lift again and hurt my back.
Deadlifts: 195 kg (430 lb) opener passed, 202.5 kg (446 lb) foot moved failed, 202.5 again passed.

So, all in all I think I had a good day.  I managed to set a PR on my squats which was also a lifetime goal for me.  (Looking for 3/4/5 by age 50)

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