Friday, April 18, 2014

Squats, been 10 days...

Fri, 18 Apr 14

Squats: 45x2x5, 135x2x5, 200x5, 250x5, 295x3, 325x2x5
Curls: 45x2x20

First day squatting after a hectic 10 days. First the wife was sick for nearly 2 weeks, then I bought a car and had to keep going to get things done after work each day.  Weekends were crazy.  Got tired out after the second set and called it a day.  I'll bench tomorrow.  Got to get back into it with just over 5 weeks to the next competition.

Might have to call it quits for a while after that.  My weight is too high, my BP is too high, and I need to reduce both. 

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